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Napa in winter

Posted by chefmax on January 30, 2009

Napa Valley in January

Napa Valley in January

The story, that I have always heard , on how mustard plants were first introduced into the Napa Valley were through the Spanish missionaries. The story goes that the missionaries would drop mustard seed as they traveled north and that on their return trip south, they could follow the beautiful yellow road they had planted behind them. Some of this may be true within other parts of California, but Napa Valley is not on the trail to a mission. The closest mission to Napa is the Sonoma Solono Mission that is 20 miles north of San Francisco on highway 12. The Sonoma mission is 21 mission and the farthest mission to the north. I love the story, but i  am not sure if that is how it started in Napa. I going to keep looking. If anyone has info on this, please let me know.


2 Responses to “Napa in winter”

  1. Esmaa Self said

    Lovely picture. Napa is a gorgeous, gorgeous location. I don’t know the secret to mustard’s CA migration, but just bought seeds to sow in my CO backyard garden with intent to create a smoky habanero mustard sauce and shall endeavor to keep the seeds from further migration.

    • chefmax said

      Thanks Esmaa,
      your mustard sauce sounds delicious. Good luck with your travels, and may the mustard always bloom for you.

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