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San Francisco Fancy Food Show

Posted by chefmax on January 25, 2009

From the San Francisco Fancy Food Show 2009
On Monday I went to the San Francisco Fancy Food Show and this was some of the cool and yummy things I saw there.
Overall it was pretty busy in there. No real sign of a recession, but after talking to different manufactures, it really depended on their product how well they were doing. Chocolate seemed to be slow but still up over last year. Alcohol still was doing alright. Not as much coffee this year but tea is still hot.
We are going to give these away as the gift for a 1-year subscription to A Flash in the

We are going to give these away as the gift for a 1-year subscription to A Flash in the



Here are some of the products that I thought stood out this year.
  • Fran’s Chocolates– Always outstanding! Michele Obama’s favorite (so I have been told)  Dylan Bigelow -Director of Chocolate (What a cool title!)
  • Apple Beer-This was better than it sounds and they had one of the best root beers I have ever had.
  • Bionade-elderberry non-alcoholic drinks 
  • Kopali-great organic nuts and spices
  • Fat cat baking…very good scones
  • Beef samosa?????- This is just wrong. 
  • Fruit powders!!!! Albert uster! Yes, I am yelling Albert uster food sprays. cool.
  • Fomage ottavi-flute du maquis…tres bien This was in the France import section. It was delicious.
  • Ciao bella sorbetto..yOne of my fav spots at the Ferry Building
  • Yummy Earth.. Nothing bad.. All good gummy items and suckers. Gluten Free-
  • CCOF Great information This is the goto spot for Organic information
  • Tasty Baby frozen organic…chech it out- I didn’t taste these but they look cool.
  • Bake-able packaging…all shapes and sizes. Very cool
  • Sassafras-great kids cooking tools
  • Nielsen Massey vanilla…need I say more
  • Microban-great product for sealing ingredients.
  • Calagen candy, big in Asia- 
  • Serving pork on hot salt rocks…cool! This was just a nice way to serve the pork. I never got to taste it to see if the salt transfered from the stone.
  • Figamajigs-taste great
  • Nutland. Gluten/GMO free
  • Black truffle almonds-squirrel brand-the sales person sucked but the nuts are good
  • Olive oil and omega 3, 40 percent less peanut oil-Hearts and Minds
  • Romanoff caviar, tasty
  • Mole-San Angel-very good!!@nugget and wholefoods I love real mole and have never found a good pre-made one. This is it!
  • Cool gear!-spice ratchet from 
  • Shortbread-finest original recipe –chelsea market
  • Great coca powder-Lake Champlain ,organic
  • Food and consumer testing-emsl
  • New Tree chocolate- thyme flavored, yum
  • Gluten free baby teething cracker-baby mum
  • Great honey-Langnese
  • At the at food show. Cool package tea-Tea Forte

I will go into a little more detail on a couple of the products in the near future.

Thanks for reading,

Chef Max


One Response to “San Francisco Fancy Food Show”

  1. Still working on my Fancy Food Show post but you and I agree on a number of items that were interesting or good.

    I got overwhelmed with chocolate there, though. Did you see the Amano chocolate? Very impressive what they are doing.

    Keep up the good work. You can check out my blogs at and But no Fancy Food yet. Still digesting. (Practically needed to fast when I left there.)

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